What to do in Norcia

Norcia is an ancient town located in a peaceful valley called Valnerina at the foot of Sibillini Mountains. Its recording dates back to the Punic Wars.

Don’t miss this adventure. You’ll be able to explore fascinating and stunning landscapes, try the local food delicacies: Black truffle, Castelluccio lentils, cheese and delicatessen made by the expert norcinis.

Every year, when Summer comes, enjoy the natural show of the Blooming. Spring flowers cover the fields of Castelluccio Highland, producing a unique scenario.
In spite of the frequent earthquakes that strike the town, the medieval remains and ruins are still visible:
– San Benedetto Church: St. Benedict is the patron Saint of Norcia and the church consecrated to him rises above the basis of his ancient home. You can find this Romanesque-style Church in the main square of Norcia. See also the City Hall.
Do you like nature? Norcia is really daring and challenging. Try out your skills and explore the uncontaminated surroundings.
The true essence of Norcia is food… forget about diet and yield to temptation…
Try all the recipes made with Norcia black truffle, from homemade pasta, to the different kinds of meat of the local breeder.
Try porcini mushrooms, from the nearby woods.
Taste the fanciful lentil soups… to warm your senses.
This is a real trip through flavor… don’t miss deli meat and cheese.
Walk through the city alleys and street, and let the aroma guide you: enter one of the many workshops called Norcineria and enjoy.
Salami, dried sausages, Norcia ham, truffle-scented cheese, mature pecorino cheese.
Don’t choose… try them all!

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