What to do in Umbria


What to visit in Assisi and Surroundings

We invite tourists and travelers to discover Assisi and its surroundings, to live them as indigenous people, along alleys and roads off the usual itineraries.

Countries and cities, large fairs and small open-air markets, fashion villages and ceramics villages, underground cities, mountains and paths to immerse themselves in nature. From Assisi leave for Rome and Florence to go back: you will look at the city of San Francesco with more and more amazement.

Have a good trip and welcome to the hotel Il Cammino di Francesco.

Ancient Villages near Assisi

What to do in Perugia

I should perhaps do the reader a service by telling him just how a week at Perugia may be spent. His first care must be to ignore the very dream of haste, walking everywhere very slowly and very much at random, and to impute an esoteric sense to almost anything his eye may happen to encounter.” Henry James – Transatlantic Sketches (Boston, 1875
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What to do in Spello

Spello is a small medieval town near Assisi and Perugia. It is just 18 miles away from our Hotel, a 20 minutes drive. It rises at the foot of Mount Subasio, and its fertile soil yields the most precious gift: olives. In fact the town is member of the National Association Città dell’Olio (olive oil town).
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What to do in Norcia

Norcia is an ancient town located in a peaceful valley called Valnerina at the foot of Sibillini Mountains. Its recording dates back to the Punic Wars. Don’t miss this adventure. You’ll be able to explore fascinating and stunning landscapes, try the local food delicacies: Black truffle, Castelluccio lentils, cheese and delicatessen made by the expert norcinis.
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Art and culture near Assisi

Assisi Underground

Out of the scheme. If you wish to experience something different, this unique archeological trip is what you are looking for. You’ll discover the “hidden Assisi”.
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Assisi Lyrick Theatre

Are you fond of music? Do you like comedies and theatre plays? Then you should go and watch one of the show, choose from a various program: musicals, shows, comedies, 2017/2018 season is really eventful!
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Assisi Metastasio Theatre

If you love musicals, then you should watch one of the shows. Music, religion and art mingle to give the spectator an unforgettable experience. Ask our staff. We’ll be pleased to book a ticket for you.
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Assisi Minigallery

It’s a little Art Gallery, in the heart of the City. A lot of different forms of art: different genres and experience, a meeting point for artists and collectors, or art lovers!
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Events near Assisi


An event…to lick your lips! Is there anything better than chocolate in the world? If you know the answer come to Perugia from 13rd to 22nd October and find out all the wonderful events of Chocolate Festival! Come and see the biggest moustache in the world… completely made of chocolate, of course!
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Umbria Fiere

An ever-rich and heterogeneous calendar, from household items, to Christmas gift ideas, to the most sophisticated electronic equipment and Vintage items, Umbria Fiere is the largest and most renowned Umbrian exhibition center, with its 5 exhibition pavilions that they are spread over an area of over 17,000 m2.
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Ideas for your Shopping

Deruta Ceramics

Have you ever heard of them? Deruta Majolica is one of the most ancient and prestigious piece of art, dating back to Italian Renaissance. At the beginning the production was based on ordinary objects, such as vases, washbowl, plates. The use of colors is unique: the shades of manganese and “ramina” green. Lately blue, yellow and orange were added.
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Valdichiana Outlet

Art, history, culture… are you tired? Would you like to relax? Nothing better than shopping! Yield to fashion and go to Valdichiana Outlet. It’s a small fashion village, with more than 50 shops, where you can find all the international and Italian brands such as Gattinoni, Borbonese, Coveri, Guess, Geox… at a discount price!
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